Trey Grayson

Former Secretary of State of Kentucky; Partner, Frost Brown Todd

Trey Grayson is a partner at Frost Brown Todd and leads the firm’s lobbying and public policy practice. Grayson served two terms as Kentucky’s Secretary of State, during which time, he was chosen by his colleagues to be President of the National Association of Secretaries of State and Chair of the Republican Association of Secretaries of State.


After leaving the Secretary of State’s office, Grayson served as the Director of Harvard University’s Institute of Politics from 2011-2014. He returned home to lead the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce as President and CEO, before joining Frost Brown Todd. Prior to entering politics, he practiced with the law firms of Greenebaum Doll & McDonald and Keating, Muething & Klekamp.


Grayson continues to be recognized as a national leader in election administration, and is often called upon to advise state legislatures, state and local election administrators, stakeholder groups, and businesses across the country. In addition, he regularly authors opinion pieces for publication in such outlets as the Economist and New York Times, and is sought out by members of the press for his insightful, non-partisan understanding of election issues.


As a result, he has been asked to assist several government and non-profit efforts to improve election administration, including serving on the bipartisan Presidential Commission on Election Administration. He currently serves on the boards of Unite America and the Center for Election Innovation and Research and works with several additional organizations, including the Secure Elections Project and National Council on Election Integrity. He also serves on the advisory boards for States United Democracy Center, Issue One, the Election Official Legal Defense Network, the Safeguarding Democracy Project, and the National Institute for Civil Discourse.