Our mission transcends party and ideology.

The National Task Force on Election Crises is a diverse, cross-partisan group of more than 50 experts in election law, election administration, national security, cybersecurity, voting rights, civil rights, technology, media, public health, and emergency response. The Task Force’s mission is to use its expertise to help civil society and decision-makers prevent, prepare for, and mitigate a range of election crises. The only electoral outcomes the Task Force advocates for are free, fair, and safe elections in the United States.

Free and fair elections are the bedrock of our democracy.

Our elections require care and focus to ensure they are resilient in the wake of disruptions. Unexpected events will happen. The key is how we respond to these events. That requires preparation, and prevention where possible. We must ensure that at the end of the day, all eligible voters have had their voices heard when the ballots are counted.


The COVID-19 pandemic was an urgent example of why it’s important to plan ahead for potential disruptions to elections. But threats to our elections can take many forms. Disruptions to elections can come from natural disasters or human-made disasters such as cyber-attacks or improper interference by elected officials. In any event, it’s critical to know the proper steps forward in dealing with a crisis to ensure a free and fair election.