Pamela Smith

President & CEO, Verified Voting

Smith is the President & CEO of Verified Voting. First joining the organization in 2004, Smith has been a nationally-recognized expert on election security and administration for nearly 20 years. She leads the organization’s strategic priorities, advises election officials and voting rights partners in their work, and advocates for secure and fair election practices that enfranchise voters. 


Smith’s work focuses on making voting systems resilient, championing post-election audits, speaking to the public about trustworthy elections, and fulfilling Verified Voting’s dedication to supporting election officials on the ground. Smith has provided information and public testimony on election security issues at federal and state levels throughout the U.S. She authors, contributes to, and speaks on matters relating to election security, election administration, disinformation, and voting technology. She is frequently featured in media outlets across the country, including The Washington Post, The New York Times, Politico, Wired, Reuters, and NPR. 


Prior to her work in elections, Smith was a nonprofit executive for a Hispanic educational organization working on first language literacy and adult learning, and a small business and marketing consultant.